Kokrobite Eye Health, Micro Business, and Education

What can be done in Ghana villages

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Scanned from 1975 Ghana Government “quadrangle like” maps from 1974 areal photos showing our project villages including Kokrobite, Langma, Oshiyie, Botianor, Tosokome, Aplaku, Tuba and Nyanyaano When you zoom this you will notice mile posts of slightly variable distances. Scale derived from these should fairly reliable.

Roads in the area have been partially improved. Here the Winniba Rd and inadequite portions of the Teme Motorway Extension are four lane These meet at Malam Junction can be subject to rush hour traffic jams.

They have also contributed to Major suburban expansion especially in flatter areas not prone to flooding. Stool land sales with out compensation to farmers has contributed to farm land loss and local poverty. I’ve heard Nyanyanno women especiually complain about this. “Perhaps” through micro financing other land can be found for them.

Local roads as depicted here are either in error or relocated. Langma seems to have been called Ammade in ’75. Tosokome, “One Tree” in Fante, between Bortianor and the sea. It was founded after the publication of these map by Fante fisherman famous for pursuing good fishing as far as Congo and Senegal Rivers

For orientation Piombo salt flats on the Western edge of Accra can usually be spotted on Google Earth on the W. edge of Accra.


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July 17, 2008 at 2:51 am

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