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SOAS (sugar on a stick) lesson plans

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Thanks to Lynne May and friends for their introduction to making SOAS work beginning at.


How might SOAS lesson plans be mplemented?

Not a teacher myself I’ve been fretting about using XOs here in Ghana where poor children “owning” these seems not a good idea (noted below). Many here think sold and stolen XOs would be a problem.

Kanda Primarie(s) 1-5 together with GSS1-3 are all clustered on this one campus. With the new term just starting they may be in a fair position to study the comparative learning rates between normal and the XO class. The two involved teachers tell me that the children like studying with XOs and Sugar and they seem to learn more with them.

How to evaluate this OLPC trial on a preliminary basis?

There must be some simple way for the teachers of the 4 non XO classes to determine actual advantages enjoyed by students in the two XO classes (this year’s 3rd grade and last) with the XOs either by grades, test scores or anecdotal insight. Can students learn more and better through collaborating with their peers and learning to solve problems together using free Sugar educational software, free digital books more children will have better opportunities in life.

More on this to follow.


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April 11, 2010 at 3:26 pm

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