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Personal Learnig Networks

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Of course a lot planning, expertise and training has to go into the establishment Personal Learnig Network. Hsere is an example.


When students turn on their XOs they are automatically connected by wireless to each other. In college we used to meet up around school to discuss assignments, papers and etc. Often such collaboration is not a given in poor communities.

Using the Power of Connections or Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) is trans formative. Collaborative problem solving is I think a better goal for a school than memorizing lectures. In an absence of parents working abroad and or otherwise unavailable such networks can help youths form their own learning communities

Young people who can learn to solve problems have a better chance at changing things on a larger scale. See Personal Learning Networks attached below.

http://www.solution-tree.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Power+of+Connections+or+Personal+Learning+Networks See Study Guide attached or if reading this on the web write to me for this .pdf document.

To give you an idea as to how children can learn while having fun here is Sameer Varma’s (OLPC-SF) small U tube collection “Spinning With Applause” at

http://www.face book.com/groups/68179607655/?id=10150427476382656

If your like me – a bit slow at languages – you will be charmed by the little girl who stars in several of these “spins.” Perhaps she is in Jr. high school? while Watching her explain her Sugar software graphical demonstrations she will teach you more Spanish than you ever thought possible in 30 minutesa!


The XO 3.0 costing $75 projected to be out in 2012 and cost $75. This will he the most versatile OLPC laptop to date


A 2006 talk by visionary Nicolas Negroponte (MIT):


Please let me know if any of these URLs will not’t open. I may have messed something up.

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